My name is Chris Taylor, freelancing illustrator and graphic designer based in Milton Keynes Buckinghamshire.

I have been drawing since a very young age, and am still drawing too this very day. I love drawing, I always have and I always will. The world of Art & Design is so very vast and so very complex perhaps I will never see it all, but there is no harm in trying right ?

I graduated from the University of Sunderland in 2007 following a two year BA Illustration & Design course. After graduating, I began exploring the world of digital illustration, also commonly referred too as 'Speed painting'. The digital medium offers much scope for exploration without the mess that traditional mediums I still love and adore, can often bring.

My illustration work is very personal to me, and is displayed here with the intention of bringing joy and a smile too anyone who may view it.

As you will see below, much of my freelance work revolves around graphic design, in particular Logo design. I have enjoyed the pleasure of working with some wonderful clients, who I continue to work with today. I am always happy to talk to anyone who may wish to discuss a project, and connect with anyone out there in the world of Art and Design.

Please feel free to browse my work.

Graphic Design



Email: mustdraw83@gmail.com

Call Me: 07701074599